Wallerstein Agar

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Wallerstein Agar is used for selective isolation and enumeration of bacteria encountered in breweries and industrial fermentations.

Cycloheximide is omitted from the original formulation


Bromocresol green 0.022
Calcium chloride 0.125
Casein hydrolysate 5
Glucose 50
Ferric chloride 0.0025 
Magnesium sulfate 0.125
Manganese sulfate 0.0025
Potassium Dihydrogen phosphate 0.55
Potassium chloride 0.425
Yeast extract 4
Agar 15


Final pH 7.0 ± 0.2 at 25°C

Suspend 75.3 gram powdered medium in 1 litre distilled water
Store dry at room temperature
, 36

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

From: $64.10

From: $64.10
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