CSM Triple Drop-out

Size Price
10g £23.63
100g £119.70


Individual Product Codes
10 gram
100 gram
CSM, -Ade, -Arg, -Lys 680 DCS0821 DCS0829
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Leu 660 DCS0831 DCS0839
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Trp 710 DCS0841 DCS0849
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Ura 740 DCS0851 DCS0859
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Met 660 DCS0861 DCS0869
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Trp 630 DCS0871 DCS0879
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Ura 660 DCS0881 DCS0889
CSM, -Ade, -Met, -Trp 710 DCS0891 DCS0899
CSM, -Ade, -Met, -Ura 740 DCS0901 DCS0909
CSM, -Ade, -Trp, -Ura 710 DCS0911 DCS0919
CSM, -Arg, -His, -Lys 670 DCS0921 DCS0929
CSM, -Arg, -His, -Ura 700 DCS0931 DCS0939
CSM, -Arg, -Leu, -Ura 620 DCS0941 DCS0949
CSM, -Arg, -Trp, -Ura 670 DCS0951 DCS0959
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Lys 620 DCS0961 DCS0969
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp 620 DCS0971 DCS0979
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Met 650 DCS0981 DCS0989
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Ura 650 DCS0991 DCS0999
CSM, -His, -Lys, -Trp 670 DCS1001 DCS1009
CSM, -His, -Lys, -Ura 700 DCS1011 DCS1019
CSM, -His, -Met, -Trp 700 DCS1021 DCS1029
CSM, -His, -Met, -Ura 730 DCS1031 DCS1039
CSM, -His, -Trp, -Val 580 DCS1041 DCS1049
CSM, -His, -Trp, -Ura 700 DCS1051 DCS1059
CSM, -Leu, -Lys, Trp 590 DCS1061 DCS1069
CSM, -Leu, -Lys, Ura 620 DCS1071 DCS1079
CSM, -Leu, -Met, -Trp 620 DCS1081 DCS1089
CSM, -Leu, -Met, -Ura 650 DCS1091 DCS1099
CSM, -Leu, -Trp, -Ura 620 DCS1101 DCS1109
CSM, -Lys, -Trp, -Ura 670 DCS1111 DCS1119
CSM, -Lys, -Tyr, -Ura 670 DCS1121 DCS1129
CSM, -Met, -Trp, -Ura 700 DCS1131 DCS1139
CSM, -Phe, -Trp, -Tyr 640 DCS1141 DCS1149
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp, 20mg/l Ade (final concentration) 630 DCS1151 DCS1159
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 650 DCS1161 DCS1169
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Ura, 20 Ser, 20 Pro, 20 Cys 710 DCS1171 DCS1179
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp, 20 Ser, 20 Pro, 20 Cys 680 DCS1181 DCS1189


Store all Drop-out mixtures dry at room temperature

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

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From: $38.98