Kaiser SC Single Drop-outs

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20g £26.46
100g £125.69

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From: $43.66


Drop-Out supplements are based upon a standard mixture of Amino Acids, Vitamins and other components to supplement encountered auxothropies. In each of the Drop-Out mixtures provided by Formedium™each of these components is provided except one to five supplements of interest, i.e. the “dropped out” supplements.

Drop-Out mixtures are often used in combination with Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids to test for auxothropies and transformants..

Each of the Drop-Out mixtures, without one or more essential nutrients, is useful for the selection of auxotrophic requirements and transformants.

Store all Drop-Out mixtures dry at room temperature.


English Download
DSCK022-DSCK1001 Download
DSCK032-DSCK1002 Download
DSCK042-DSCK1003 Download
DSCK052-DSCK1004 Download
DSCK062-DSCK1005 Download
DSCK072-DSCK1006 Download
DSCK082-DSCK1007 Download
DSCK092-DSCK1008 Download
DSCK102-DSCK1009 Download
20 gram
100 gram
SC, -Ade 1984 DSCK022 DSCK1001
SC, -Cys 1926 DSCK032 DSCK1002
SC, -His 1926 DSCK042 DSCK1003
SC, -Leu 1622 DSCK052 DSCK1004
SC, -Lys 1926 DSCK062 DSCK1005
SC, -Met 1926 DSCK072 DSCK1006
SC, -Pro 1926 DSCK082 DSCK1007
SC, -Trp 1926 DSCK092 DSCK1008
SC, -Ura 1926 DSCK102 DSCK1009



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