Hopkins SCSM Single Drop-outs

Size Price
30g £62.85




Individual Product Codes
30 gram
SCSM, -Ade 1979.6 DSCS021
SCSM, -Cys 1915.0 DSCS031
SCSM, -His 1915.0 DSCS041
SCSM, -Leu 1827.2 DSCS051
SCSM, -Lys 1915.0 DSCS061
SCSM, -Met 1915.0 DSCS071
SCSM, -Pro 1915.0 DSCS081
SCSM, -Trp 1915.0 DSCS091
SCSM, -Ura 1915.0 DSCS101


Store all Drop-Out mixtures dry at room temperature

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Publication/research Formedium Products Used
Tuning Degradation to Achieve Specific and Efficient Protein Depletion Adenine Sulphate, Agar, Peptone, SCSM Single Drop Out, Yeast Extract, Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amonium Sulphate