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SIH Amino acid drop-out mixture

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SIH Amino acid drop-out mixture is based on the Amino acids present in SIH Minimal medium. These Amino acids form a basis for many “Drop-Out” mixtures to select for auxotrophic requirements and transformants. Each SIH Drop-Out mixture contain all components except for one or two essential Amino acids, i.e. the “dropped out” supplements. SIH Amino acids drop-out mixtures are used in combination with SIH Minimal medium w/o Amino acids or SIH Minimal medium w/o Amino acids and w/o Ammonium chloride to complete the medium.

Complete Supplement Mixture formulations are available in 25 gram and 250 gram pack sizes.

Please enquire about custom made formulations.

From: $54.58

From: $54.58
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Complete SIH Amino acid mixture, 9195 mg/l

Amino Acids
Arg 700
Asp 300
Asp A 150
Cys 300
GluA 545
Gly 900
His 300
Ile 600
Leu 900
Lys 1250
Met 350
Phe 550
Pro 800
Thr 500
Trp 350
Val 700
Total 9195 mg/l

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