CSM Quadruple Drop-out

Size Price
10g £23.63
100g £119.70


Individual Product Codes
10 gram
100 gram
CSM, -Ade, -Arg, -Leu, -Ura 610 DCS1191 DCS1199
CSM, -Ade, -Arg, -Met, -Tyr 660 DCS1201 DCS1209
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Leu, -Lys 610 DCS1211 DCS1219
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Leu, -Trp 610 DCS1221 DCS1229
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Leu, -Ura 640 DCS1231 DCS1239
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Met, -Ura 690 DCS1241 DCS1249
CSM, -Ade, -His, -Trp, -Ura 690 DCS1251 DCS1259
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Lys, -Trp 580 DCS1261 DCS1269
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Met, -Ura 640 DCS1271 DCS1279
CSM, -Ade, -Leu, -Trp, -Ura 610 DCS1281 DCS1289
CSM, -Ade, -Met, -Trp, -Ura 690 DCS1291 DCS1299
CSM, -Arg, -His, -Lys, -Ura 650 DCS1301 DCS1309
CSM, -Arg, -Leu, -Lys, -Ura 570 DCS1311 DCS1319
CSM, -Arg, -Leu, -Trp, -Ura 570 DCS1321 DCS1329
CSM, -Arg, -Lys, -Trp, -Ura 620 DCS1331 DCS1339
CSM, -Asp, -His, -Leu, -Trp 540 DCS1341 DCS1349
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Lys, -Trp 570 DCS1351 DCS1359
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Met, -Trp 600 DCS1361 DCS1369
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Lys, -Ura 600 DCS1371 DCS1379
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp, -Ura 600 DCS1381 DCS1389
CSM, -His, -Lys, -Trp, -Ura 650 DCS1391 DCS1399
CSM, -His, -Met, -Trp, -Ura 680 DCS1401 DCS1409
CSM, -Leu, -Lys, -Trp, -Ura 570 DCS1411 DCS1419
CSM, -Leu, -Met, -Trp, -Ura 600 DCS1421 DCS1429
CSM, -Arg, -His, -Leu, -Trp, 20 Cys, 20 Pro, 20 Ser, 20 Ura 650 DCS1431 DCS1439
CSM, -His, -Leu, -Trp, -Ura, 20 Cys, 20 Pro, 20 Ser 660 DCS1441 DCS1449


Store all Drop-out mixtures dry at room temperature

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

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