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MES – SDS Running Buffer 20X

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MES-SDS0500500ml $40.03
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MES-SDS50005 Litre $363.83
20 X sterile RNAse free stock solution

Dilute 50 ml MES-SDS 20X into 950 ml of deionised water to make 1 litre of MES-SDS Running Buffer.
Final concentration of 50mM MES, 50mM TRIS base, 3.47mM SDS and 1mM EDTA.

From: $40.03

From: $40.03


MES1 M 195.2 g/L
TRIS1 M 121.1 g/L
SDS69.3 mM 20 g/L
EDTA Na220.5 mM 7.6 g/L

Store at room temperature
Keep away from light