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DNA replication inhibitor causing deoxyribonucleotide depletion CH4N2O2=76.05

Hydroxyurea is an anti-neoplastic which Inactivates ribonucleoside reductase by forming a free radical nitroxide that binds a tyrosyl free radical in the active site of the enzyme. This blocks the synthesis of deoxynucleotides, which inhibits DNA synthesis and induces synchronization or cell death in S-phase.

From: $149.18

From: $149.18


Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Content by HPLC >97.5
Water >0.5%
Related substances >0.2%
Residue on ignition >0.1%
Heavy metals >10ppm
Residue on ignition >0.1%

Store at 2 -8°C in dark, dry place

CAS 127-07-1

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