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FM Amino acid drop-out mixtures

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FM Amino acid drop-out mixture is based on the Amino acids present in FM Minimal medium. These Amino acids form a basis for many “Drop-Out” mixtures to select for auxotrophic requirements and transformants. Each FM Drop-Out mixture contain all components except for one or two essential Amino acids, i.e. the “dropped out” supplements. FM Amino acids drop-out mixtures are used in combination with FM Minimal medium w/o Amino acids or FM Minimal medium w/o Amino acids and w/o Ammonium chloride to complete the medium.

Complete Supplement Mixture formulations are available in 25 gram and 250 gram pack sizes.

Please enquire about custom made formulations.

From: $54.58

From: $54.58
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Amino Acids
Arg 700
Asp 300
Cys 200
GluA 500
Gly 900
His 300
Ile 600
Leu 900
Lys 900
Met 300
Phe 500
Pro 800
Thr 500
Trp 200
Val 700
Total 8300 mg/l


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