CSM Double Drop-out

Size Price
10g £23.63
100g £119.70


Individual Product Codes
10 gram
100 gram
CSM, -Ade, -Arg 730 DCS0351 DCS0359
CSM, -Ade, -His 760 DCS0361 DCS0369
CSM, -Ade, -Leu 680 DCS0371 DCS0379
CSM, -Ade, -Lys 730 DCS0381 DCS0389
CSM, -Ade, -Met 760 DCS0391 DCS0399
CSM, -Ade, -Trp 730 DCS0401 DCS0409
CSM, -Ade, Ura 760 DCS0411 DCS0419
CSM, -Arg, -His 720 DCS0421 DCS0429
CSM, -Arg, -Leu 640 DCS0431 DCS0439
CSM, -Arg, -Trp 690 DCS0441 DCS0449
CSM, -Arg, -Ura 720 DCS0451 DCS0459
CSM, -His, -Leu 670 DCS0461 DCS0469
CSM, -His, -Lys 720 DCS0471 DCS0479
CSM, -His, -Met 750 DCS0481 DCS0489
CSM, -His, -Thr 670 DCS0491 DCS0499
CSM, -His, -Trp 720 DCS0501 DCS0509
CSM, -His, -Tyr 720 DCS0511 DCS0519
CSM, -His, -Ura 750 DCS0521 DCS0529
CSM, -Leu, -Lys 640 DCS0531 DCS0539
CSM, -Leu, -Met 670 DCS0541 DCS0549
CSM, -Leu, -Thr 590 DCS0551 DCS0559
CSM, -Leu, -Trp 640 DCS0561 DCS0569
CSM, -Leu, -Tyr 640 DCS0571 DCS0579
CSM, -Leu,-Ura 670 DCS0581 DCS0589
CSM, -Lys, -Met 720 DCS0591 DCS0599
CSM, -Lys, -Thr 640 DCS0601 DCS0609
CSM, -Lys, -Trp 690 DCS0611 DCS0619
CSM, -Lys, -Tyr 690 DCS0621 DCS0629
CSM, -Lys, -Ura 720 DCS0631 DCS0639
CSM, -Met, -Trp 720 DCS0641 DCS0649
CSM, -Met, -Ura 750 DCS0651 DCS0659
CSM, -Thr, Trp 640 DCS0661 DCS0669
CSM, -Thr, -Ura 670 DCS0671 DCS0679
CSM, -Trp, -Tyr 690 DCS0681 DCS0689
CSM, -Trp, -Ura 720 DCS0691 DCS0699
CSM, -Tyr, -Ura 720 DCS0701 DCS0709
CSM, -His, -Leu, 20mg/l Ade (final concentration) 680 DCS0711 DCS0719
CSM, -His, -Leu, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 700 DCS0721 DCS0729
CSM, -His, -Trp, 20mg/l Ade (final concentration) 730 DCS0731 DCS0739
CSM, -His, -Trp, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 750 DCS0741 DCS0749
CSM, -His, -Ura, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 780 DCS0751 DCS0759
CSM, -Leu, -Met, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 700 DCS0761 DCS0769
CSM, -Leu, -Trp, 20mg/l Ade (final concentration) 650 DCS0771 DCS0779
CSM, -Leu, -Trp, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 670 DCS0781 DCS0789
CSM, -Leu, -Ura, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 700 DCS0791 DCS0799
CSM, -Trp, -Ura, 40mg/l Ade (final concentration) 750 DCS0801 DCS0809
CSM, -Leu, -Ura, 30 Ser 700 DCS0811 DCS0819


Store all Drop-out mixtures dry at room temperature

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

From: $38.98

From: $38.98