SC Double Drop-outs

Size Price
20g £25.20
100g £119.70


Individual Product Codes
20 gram
100 gram
SC, -Ade, -Leu 1604 DSCK112 DSCK1010
SC, -Ade, -Lys 1908 DSCK122 DSCK1011
SC, -Ade, -Trp 1908 DSCK132 DSCK1012
SC, -Cys, -Met 1850 DSCK142 DSCK1013
SC, -His, -Leu 1546 DSCK152 DSCK1014
SC, -His, -Ura 1850 DSCK162 DSCK1015
SC, -Leu, -Trp 1546 DSCK172 DSCK1016
SC, -Leu, -Ura 1546 DSCK182 DSCK1017
SC, -Met, -Ura 1850 DSCK192 DSCK1018
SC, -Trp, -Ura 1850 DSCK202 DSCK1019
SC, -Ura, -Inositol 1850 DSCK212 DSCK1020


Store all Drop-Out mixtures dry at room temperature

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

From: $41.58

From: $41.58