SCSM Double Drop-outs

Size Price
30g £59.85


Individual Product Codes
30 gram
SCSM, -Ade, -Leu 1806.2 DSCS111
SCSM, -Ade, -Lys 1894.0 DSCS121
SCSM, -Ade, -Trp 1894.0 DSCS131
SCSM, -Cys, -Met 1829.4 DSCS141
SCSM, -His, -Leu 1741.6 DSCS151
SCSM, -His, -Ura 1829.4 DSCS161
SCSM, -Leu, -Trp 1741.6 DSCS171
SCSM, -Leu, -Ura 1741.6 DSCS181
SCSM, -Met, -Ura 1829.4 DSCS191
SCSM, -Trp, -Ura 1829.4 DSCS201
SCSM, -Ura, -Inositol 1829.4 DSCS211


Store all Drop-Out mixtures dry at room temperature

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.