Acid Spill Neutralising Granules

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Colour indicating absorbent micro granules.

Store at room temperature.


Instructions for Use

Cover the spilled acid liquid with a sufficient quantity of blue granules. A yellow colour indicates the presence of an acid. Acid neutrailisation is accompanied by the liberation of CO2 gas.

Mix with spatula or spoon, then wait a few minutes for neutralisation and absorption to take place. The disappearance of the yellow and return to the blue colour indicates the neutralisation of the acid. If necessary add more granules until the yellow colour has disappeared.

Dispose of the reacted powder in accordance with local regulations. Suitable for dilute and concentrated acids.

As a guide: 100ml of concentrated acid (10N) would need approx 150g of Formedium Acid Spill Granules for safe neutralisation.

We are currently reviewing and upading all our MSDS information and Certificates. These will be available shortly, in the mean time please contact us for more information.

From: $95.70

From: $95.70