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Synthetic Complete Media

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Synthetic Complete Media

Synthetic Complete Medium (SC medium) is based upon Yeast Nitrogen Base supplemented with a carbon source and in which each of the commonly encountered auxothropies is supplemented by a complete mixture of amino acids and vitamins. The amino acid, vitamin mixture contains all possible supplements, i.e. nothing is dropped out in contrast to “Drop Out” mixtures.  Cultures on SC Media combined with cultures on Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids in combination with drop out mixtures can be used to select for auxothrophies as in Yeast Genetics.

Formedium™ provides SC media supplemented with a carbon source like glucose, galactose, raffinose, succinate or a combination of carbon sources.  The SC media are available with or without Agar premixed.

SC Media amino acid and vitamin supplement is available as a separate mixture as well for addition to other types of yeast media to supplement auxothrophies.

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