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Kaiser Mixture, Synthetic Complete Drop-Out Mixture, (SC)

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Drop-Out Supplements Synthetic Complete Amino Acid

Ref.: Kaiser, C. et al., Methods in Yeast Genetics, Cold Spring harbour (New York : 1994).

Drop-Out supplements are based upon a standard mixture of Amino Acids, Vitamins and other components to supplement encountered auxothropies. In each of the Drop-Out mixtures provided by Formedium™each of these components is provided except one to five supplements of interest, i.e. the “dropped out” supplements.

Drop-Out mixtures are often used in combination with Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids to test for auxothropies and transformants..

Each of the Drop-Out mixtures, without one or more essential nutrients, is useful for the selection of auxotrophic requirements and transformants.

Synthetic Complete Amino Acid supplements are available in 20 gram and 100 gram pack sizes.  Please contact us if you would like to order or get a quotation for a larger pack size.

Please enquire about custom made formulations.

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