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  • Agar

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    AGA01250g £19.52
    AGA02500g £34.30
    AGA031000g £64.29
    AGA046 x 1kg £356.89
    Agar is natural product derived from seaweed. During the production process all impurities are carefully removed to obtain an agar with a high gel strength, excellent clarity and low mineral content. The result is an agar well suited for cell cultures.Store dry at room temperature
  • L- Arabinose

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    ARA001100g £26.25
    ARA005500g £99.75
    ARA0101kg £183.75
    C5H10O5 = 150.13
    Purity HPLC 99% Purity TLC Single spot Water < 0.3% White Crystalline powderStore dry at room temperature
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    MAL031kg £48.63
    Malt extract is prepared from Malt by extracting the soluble products from sprouted grain. The product contains a mix of carbohydrates (mainly maltose) and growth factors.Solubility in water at 3 % Complete pH (3 % solution) 4.8 - 5.8 Loss on drying ≤ 6.0 % Reducing sugars (as maltose) ≥ 60.0 % Residue on ignition ≤ 4.5 % Chloride (as NaCl) ≤ 1.0 %Store dry at room temperature
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    AGR02250g £23.16
    AGR05500g £40.80
    AGR101000g £74.09
    AGR606 x 1kg £400.54
    Agar Granulated, Bacteriological grade is a fine granulated agar with excellent characteristics for bacteriological growth. Due to the fine granule structure of this agar dusting while handling is very low.Store dry at room temperature
  • Casamino Acids

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    CAS01250g £26.02
    CAS02500g £49.62
    CAS031000g £94.49
    CAS046 x 1kg £509.91
    Casamino Acids are manufactured by a controlled acid hydrolysis of casein . Hydrolysis is not completed until all the nitrogen in the casein is converted to amino acids or other compounds of relative chemical simplicity. As a result of the acid hydrolysis process all vitamins and growth factors present in casein are destroyed.Due to the low sodium chloride concentration Formedium™Casamino Acids are well suited for cultivation of yeast cells.Store dry at room temperature
  • D(+) – Galactose

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    GAL01100g £11.69
    GAL02500g £48.07
    GAL031000g £83.46
    GAL046 x 1kg £474.52
    C6H12O6 = 180.16
    Purity HPLC >99% Water < 0.3%White Crystalline powderStore dry at room temperature
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    GLU01250g £2.87
    GLU02500g £5.30
    GLU031000g £9.49
    GLU046 x 1kg £54.36
    C6H12O6 = 180
    A fine white crystalline quality with excellent properties for cell culture.Store dry at room temperature
  • SKU Pack Size Price
    LAC021000g £5.85
    LAC036 x 1kg £32.86
    C12H22O6.2H2O = 360.2
    Complies to Ph. Eur.White Crystalline powderStore dry at room temperature
  • Peptone

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    PEP01250g £21.83
    PEP02500g £39.51
    PEP031000g £67.46
    PEP046 x 1kg £384.27
    Peptone is a spray dried powder, manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of animal tissue. The most commonly used enzymes are pepsin, papain and pancreatin. The latter containing trypsin.Pepsin will cut the peptide chain anywhere there is a phenylalanine or leucine bond.Papain cuts in the peptide chain adjacent to arginine, lysine, phenylalanine and glycine. Pancreatin has its action at arginine, lysine, tyrosine, tryptophan, phenylalanine and leucine bonds.The tissues are hydrolysed to produce straw coloured peptones which are highly nutritious and clearly soluble in water. Peptones contain a mix of peptides, free amino acids and growth factors.Due to the low sodium chloride concentration Formedium™Pepton is well suited for cultivation of yeast cells.Store dry at room temperature
  • Soya Peptone

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    VPEP01250g £19.20
    VPEP02500g £33.40
    VPEP031000g £58.00
    VPEP046 x 1kg £320.00
    Soya Peptone is a papaic digest of defatted soybean flour and is a well-balanced source of essential amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins in cell cultures.Soya Peptone is used for growth of a wide variety of bacteria and yeasts in cell cultures and is often combined with Tryptone or Peptone for a rapid and abundant growth of cells.This plant peptone is classified animal-free by Formedium Ltd. Based on the manufacturing protocol, we attest that no animal raw materials are prescribed for use in the production of this product, nor are any of the raw materials derived from animal products.Soya Peptone is classified animal free, GMO free (according to the European Directive 2001/18/CE)Store dry at room temperature
  • Potato Extract

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    PTE01250g £9.49
    PTE02500g £38.04
    PTE031000g £69.13
    PTE046 x 1kg £374.41
    Potato extract is a mixture of potato proteins, manufactured by controlled enzymatic hydrolysis. The extract is an excellent nitrogen source for bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Potato extract is rich in vitamins and minerals and supports a vigorous growth of micro-organisms.Store dry at room temperature
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    RAF01100g £44.77
    RAF02250g £103.09
    RAF03500g £187.21
    RAF041kg £340.35
    C18H32O16.5H2O = 594.5
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    Purity HPLC >99% White powderStore dry at room temperature
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  • Sodium Chloride

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    NAC021000g £4.19
    NAC036 x 1kg £22.50
    NaCl = 58.4
    Complies to Ph. Eur and USP Heavy metals < 5 ppm FerrocyanidesA fine white crystalline quality with excellent properties for cell culture.Store dry at room temperature
  • D(+) – Sorbitol

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    SOR021kg £14.12
    SOR035kg £63.51
    C6H14O6 = 182.17
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    Complies to Ph. Eur.White crystalline powder.Store dry at room temperature
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  • Tryptone

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    TRP01250g £19.41
    TRP02500g £36.50
    TRP031000g £68.27
    TRP046 x 1kg £381.27
    Enzymatic digest of casein
    Tryptone is a pancreatic digest of casein. Casein is the main protein of milk and is a rich source of amino acid nitrogen. Amongst all amino acids especially Tryptophan is present in high concentrations.Due to the rich nutritional properties, Tryptone is added to media as an accelerator to increase the yield of organisms and is recommended where a rapid and luxuriant growth of micro organisms is required.Store dry at room temperature
  • Yeast Extract, Powder

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    YEA01250g £9.71
    YEA02500g £17.98
    YEA031000g £34.18
    YEA046 x 1kg £176.74
    Yeast Extract is a spray dried extract manufactured by complete autolysis, i.e. a transformation of proteins into peptides, and amino acids, implemented through the proteolytic enzymes present in yeast cells.The cell membranes are discarded, enabling completely soluble yeast extracts to be obtained. Besides peptides and amino acids yeast extract also contains purine and pyrimidine bases, carbohydrates and water soluble vitamins of B group.Sodium Chloride concentration of Formedium™Yeast Extract is low and also therefore well suited for cultivation of yeast cells.Due to its carbohydrate content, typically 10%, yeast extract is not suitable for media intended for the study of sugar fermentation.Store dry at room temperature