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M13 Phage and ssDNA Bacteriophages Medium Formulations

YT and 2X YT are designed for cultivation of recombinant strains of Escherichia Coli . These media are also used for maintenance and propagation of M13 bacteriophage and several types of ssDNA bacteriophage.

YT is a moderately rich medium, where 2x YT is a nutritional rich medium providing nitrogen and growth factors allowing bacteriophage to reproduce in large quantities without exhausting the host cells.  The presence of amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins and other nutritional elements, that the cell would otherwise have to synthesize, stimulates a luxurious growth and high yields of the host cells.  Sodium Chloride is present in the medium to provide a suitable osmolarity.

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  • YT Broth

    SKU Pack Size Price
    YTB0101 250g $19.29
    YTB0102 1000g $68.51
    YTB0103 6 x 1kg $369.32
  • YT Agar

    SKU Pack Size Price
    YTA0201 250g $25.72
    YTA0202 1000g $91.10
    YTA0203 6 x 1kg $492.00
  • YT Top Agar

    SKU Pack Size Price
    YTT0301 250g $23.33
    YTT0302 1000g $73.66
  • 2X YT Broth

    SKU Pack Size Price
    YDB1L 1 Litre pack - 31g $5.33
    YDB2L 2 Litre pack $8.09
    YDB5L 5 Litre pack $13.60
    YDB10L 10 Litre pack - 310g $26.09
    YDB20L 20 Litre pack $50.14
    YDB0101 250g $21.32
    YDB0102 1000g $73.84
    YDB0103 6 x 1kg $404.02
  • 2X YT Agar

    SKU Pack Size Price
    YDA1L 1 Litre pack $6.98
    YDA2L 2 Litre pack $10.48
    YDA5L 5 Litre pack $24.26
    YDA10L 10L pack $46.28
    YDA20L 20 Litre pack $88.70
    YDA0201 250g $26.27
    YDA0202 1000g $93.49
    YDA0203 6 x 1kg $505.58
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