Privacy Statement

Formedium Worldwide Distribution

ForMedium™ is committed to safeguarding your privacy. The following privacy statement details how your personal information will be collected and treated when communicating with us.

Data returned to ForMedium™ from direct mail activity will be collected and entered into ForMedium™ customer databases.

Data from communications with ForMedium™ by letter, fax, telephone or email may be used to update or create new records within the ForMedium™ customer databases. Data held within the ForMedium™ customer databases may, from time to time, be used to communicate information regarding products, promotions and about ForMedium™.

Only ForMedium™ (or agents working on behalf of ForMedium™ and under confidentiality agreements) will communicate this information using email, fax, direct mail or telephone.

ForMedium™ never sells, rents, or gives away information that personally identifies customers to third parties except where agents working on behalf of ForMedium ™ and under confidentiality agreement require provision of such information as essential part of the service requirement.

In addition, ForMedium™ may disclose user information when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

ForMedium™ also does research on our customer demographics, interests, and purchasing based on the information provided to us through web registration, purchasing activity and other promotional activity. From data surveys and our computer files we use software analysis tools to better understand and serve our users

ForMedium™ is registered under the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1984.

Only ForMedium™ employees (or agents working on behalf of ForMedium™ and under confidentiality agreements) will have access to stored customer information. Access to all customer data is limited to a small number of individuals who hold responsibility for maintenance and security of the data.

Any telephone enquiries from customers or other individuals regarding data held in ForMedium™ customer databases will be vetted to ensure as far as possible that the enquirer has a legitimate reason for requesting data before data will be disclosed.

ForMedium™ customer databases are used, from time to time, to distribute catalogues, promotional material and customer service messages. In each of these communications we will endeavour to include a feedback mechanism that will allow correction, addition, amendment of data or the suppression of data for use in any future activities. Any customer advising ForMedium™ that they wish to have data removed, or have data suppressed, will receive a confirmation of the data removal or suppression within 31 days of receipt of the request. ForMedium™ will retain records only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the information was collected or as required by law.