Products mentioned in this article include: Yeast Extract, Peptone,
Yeast Nitrogen Base, Casamino Acids.
Zhiyuan Yao,1 Elizabeth Delorme-Axford,1 Steven K Backues,2 and Daniel J Klionsky1

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Materials and Methods

Yeast strains, media and growth conditions

Yeast strains used in this paper are listed in Table S2. Yeast cells are grown in rich medium (YPD: 1% [wt/vol] yeast extract [ForMedium, YEM04], 2% [wt/vol] peptone [ForMedium, PEP04], 2% [wt/vol] glucose; or SMD: 0.67% yeast nitrogen base [ForMedium, CYN0410], 2% [wt/vol] glucose, 0.5% casamino acids [ForMedium, CAS03], 1× complete amino acids and vitamins supplement (see Table S3 for details), 2% glucose). Autophagy was induced by shifting mid-log phase cells from rich medium to nitrogen starvation medium (SD-N: 0.17% yeast nitrogen base without ammonium sulfate or amino acids [ForMedium,CYN0501], 2% [wt/vol] glucose) for the indicated times.


We thank Dr. Hana Popelka for assistance with the PONDR-FIT analysis.

Supplemental Material

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This work was supported by NIH grant GM053396 (to DJK) and a University of Michigan–Israel Partnership for Research grant (to DJK).