Yeast Cells

Mitochondria and actin collideMitochondria and actin collide

Dr. Campbell Gourlay (Kent Fungal Group)

The image captures mitochondria (green) and cortical actin patches (red) in a single  S. cerevisiae cell. Mitochondria exist as a network that undergoes fission and fusion events to regulate function and health of the organelle. Research suggests a role for the actin cytoskeleton in controlling mitochondrial function, and so the health of yeast cells.



Altruism in a single celled organismAltruism in a single celled organism

Dr. Campbell Gourlay (Kent Fungal Group)

The image captures a single S. cerevisiae colony grown on media containing the cell viability indicator Phloxine B. Phloxine B accumulates within dead or dying cells to give a red colour. This image demonstrates that cell death is compartmentalised within yeast colonies and represents a form of simple differentiation. In this way individual cells are sacrificed to promote the overall health of the colony.