NEW. TBS Buffered Saline 10X

Formedium are pleased to introduce a range of TBS Buffered Saline 10X available in pH 8.0, 7.8, 7.6 and 7.4. The TBS Buffered Saline 10X is available in 500ml, 1 ...


NEW. Lee’s Medium

was introduced to our range after several requests from clients. Please contact us if you have a request for custom made media. View Lee's Medium.


NEW. SDS Micro-Pellets

One of our latest additions to our range SDS Micro-Pellets. These new micro-pellets allow convenient weighing and handling without the mess and odor of powders. View the SDS Micro-Pellets.


NEW. Tris Glycine Buffer 10X

We have now introduced Tris Glycine Transfer Buffer 10X to our Antibiotics, Biochemicals and Liquid Buffer range. It is available as 500ml, 1 Litre or 5 Litres. Prices start from ...


NEW. Acid & Alkali Spill Kits

We have now introduced an excellent Acid and Alkali Neutrailising Spill Kit product to our range. Each product provides olour indicating absorbent micro granules. They are available individually or as ...


NEW. Wallerstein Agar

Wallerstein Agar is used for selective isolation and enumeration of bacteria encountered in breweries and industrial fermentations and is available in a 1kg container. Prices start from £68.00. View the ...



STD agar is used for the cultivation and enumeration of fastidious bacteria. It is the latest addition to our extensive range of products and is available in a 1kg container. ...


NEW. Sabouraud Agar

Sabouraud Agar is the latest addition to our extensive range of products and is available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg bottles. Prices start from £9.50. View the Sabouraud Agar.