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Dictyostelium Images

Thank you to Douwe Veltman, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge for these Dictyostelium images and descriptions. Phase constrast image of a large field of aggregating Dictyostelium cells. Dark field ...

Homothallic Cells

  Homothallic cells a) undergone meiosis, b) at meiotic prophase (the bouquet stage). Telomeres are tagged with YFP, the spindle pole body is with mCherry, chromatin is with Cerulean. (Vera Moiseeva).

Diploid Cells

    Diploid cells that undergone meiosis, were fixed with 70% methanol and stained with DAPI. (Hanna Amelina).

Dicty Images

Both pictures above are from the multicellular stages of the life cycle.  The image on the left shows a mass of cells transforming into a fruiting body with spores maturing ...

Crystals of MscS

These crystals are grown from recombinant MscS protein. The protein is overexpressed in lab strains of E. coli cultured in Formedium LB broth supplemented with antibiotics. The recombinant MscS protein is purified away from the cocktail of endogenous E. coli proteins using column chromatography.

Yeast Cells

Mitochondria and actin collide Dr. Campbell Gourlay (Kent Fungal Group) The image captures mitochondria (green) and cortical actin patches (red) in a single  S. cerevisiae cell. Mitochondria exist as a ...